Monday, April 28, 2008

The Day We Have All Been Waiting For!

Tara graduated from BYU in Graphic Design this past week and it has been quite an education!! First of all, Randy and I found out for the first time ---just exactly WHAT Graphic Design really entails, and we have gained a greater appreciation for all the talent, creativity, thought, ingenuity, and HARD WORK that goes into any magazine cover, book cover, poster, etc. that shows up in our house. We loved seeing the displays the students had set up, watching a presentation about the loves and hates of Graphic Designers (by the way, they all love MAC and hate Microsoft!) and seeing a great photo video of all the graduates (12!) in their group doing all their adventures of the past couple of years. Needless to say, we are very proud of Tara, and her Professors had wonderful words of praise for her abilities. She also put on an Indian dinner for the group, parents and guests that were at the graduation. We think she has decided she doesn't want to be a caterer!!

We also had the chance to be with our cute grand daughter Kate,(both Randy and I had a little quality time babysitting!), Amy, mom and dad, my sister from Dallas, my brother Kirk, sisters in laws, and many other nieces and nephews. We really feel blessed to have so many family members that we share our lives with. Randy took me up to visit my brother's grave in SLC, and I hadn't been there for awhile. It brought back a flood of emotions, and I wish so much that I could share my life with him now, and he could share his with me. We miss him so much! What a fun, handsome, man he was.

Troy also packed up his very SCARRY dorm room. I can't even tell you how many dirty clothes there were. I have definitely missed some "mother training" somewhere! Oh well, we have all summer to work on him! But, that brought another flood of emotions, because I realized we are done moving children into dorms! It makes me very sad--it is such a joyous time in a Freshman's life. He had a great time and last night here at home, we had to close down the "new dorms" in Murrieta at 3:30 AM!! Wow, it could be a looooooooong summer!!

I also came home to a few surprises! Randy had installed an "interesting" light fixture and had done some much needed repairs in our home. I loved the projects being done--yeah! I didn't need to ask! I will add a photo of the light fixture next time and take votes on if we should "go with it or not". The reviews have been mixed!

I am going to try to add some pics-they may be a bit random, but I will try and improve!
Tara and Kate
The Graduate
Tara and Amy
Mom and Tara
Proud Randy and Christy

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wow-My Secret is Out!!

Ok, I didn't know Sally would let people know I had started my little practice blog! But, I can tell I am going to love hearing from all of you!!! Thanks to all of you that wrote me a little note---how fun is this!!

I will work on the pictures!! That could be quite the process. We have had a fun weekend-
Kirk and Jennifer spent the weekend with us and we went to a Padres/Dodgers baseball game in Petco park. Lots of excitement and you feel like you're where the action is!! Lots of junk food, too.

Then, we got to enjoy conference and it was amazing. Pres. Monson is such a testimony of how the "mantle" of the Presidency is visible and on his shoulders. He, as well as others, touched my heart and spirit.

I love you all!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Computer Consultant comes to Blogging!

Everyone is talking about the fun of blogging and many of my children and friends are on the "bandwagon"! I decided since I am supposedly a computer "whiz" for my profession, that I should give it a try. I love to read everyone else's and I love to see their pictures.

Two problems-SO FAR------my pictures are all on another computer. So, I will have to learn to transfer them and I am already on the computer most of the day with my job. So, this may be a short lived adventure.

We have much excitement in our lives this month! Tara will graduate from BYU in Graphic Design, Troy will be coming home from his first year at BYU, Sally and Dave are filling up their pool, Matt is working on his own business, Amy is busy keeping up with her job and life, and I try to keep Miles and Troy H. in our lives as much as possible. Miles is just returning from Europe and Troy H. is ready for spring in Colorado.

I could back track and tell you about our past year with fun, family, trips, sports, company, etc-but, that will be too overwhelming. So, I will do this moving forward. Our first adventure of our new blogging efforts will be to add our trip to Utah for graduation. I'll give it a try. Don't hold your breath!!!