Friday, November 14, 2008

The Famous Troy Kick goes to the MTC-Albania!!

These pics capture the essense
of our past month. Much of our
wonderful family shared in the
activities of this past month-
We loved having you all with us!

Seeing Troy off to the MTC for
11 weeks.

Whirlwind trip to Hawaii for our
10th Wedding Anniversary!
(a great surprise, by the way!)

A great day at the spa with my
sister, mom, and daughters-celebrating
my mom's birthday!!

Schools calling me "non-stop"
for technical support (another
funny joke in the fam!)

BYU, BYU, BYU Football! (Christy)
USC, USC, USC Football! (Randy)

Relief Society Enrichment
Counselor- here we go again!

Tara-off to NYC

Grandaughters, Love
Grandaughters, Love
Grandaughters, Love

Prop 8
Prop 8
Prop 8
(Which state can we move to where "rational thinking" takes place???