Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Our little "pixie fairies" with their fairy house at our house. I have been able to spend a week with Kate and Ruby and Sadie this past month. (Of course, no camera with me at Amy's), but these three little girls bring such joy into our lives. They each have a special place in my heart- Kate-the toy organizer, computer whiz and Littlest Pet Shop pro
Ruby- the thinker, creator, and "pocket" girl
Sadie- snuggler, lover, and "binky" beauty.

I love them all! Lucky Grandma!

Yes, Tara and I went to Paris! What can I say- Opportunity knocked and WE ANSWERED! We had a wonderful trip with 2 girlfriends and wayyyyyyyyyy to much info to share in a blog. This is in the unbelievable pretend world of Interlaken Switzerland (oh yeah, we took a side trip to Switzerland!)

This is at poor little Marie Antoinette's play area village near Versailles. (Oh yeah, we took a side trip to Versailles)

The Eiffel tower is FOR REAL!! Who knew??

Finally, this a lake in Albania where Troy is serving his mission. Some one's got to serve in these ugly parts of the world. HA!

I have no picture of my other adventure because it was fairly top secret! My brother retired from the Air Force and we went to his retirement service at some unfamiliar base near Vegas. The ceremony was amazing and I saw a side of my brother that I had never gotten to experience before. I have a renewed respect for him and his accomplishments in his life. He did sneak us in to see the Reaper (which is a larger version of the Predator) All top secret and I can't reveal more than that!!