Friday, September 5, 2008

Troy's Mission Call- ALBANIA Tirana

Excitement at our house tonight! Troy had put in his mission papers about 3 weeks ago, and we were waiting with anticipation for his call to come. Well, today was the big day and he shared his mission call letter with the fam tonight! He read he would be serving in the Albania Tirana mission and will report on Oct. 22 to the Provo MTC. Wow, fast! At first, I didn't even know where Albania was!!! So, we quickly checked out the map and found it above Greece, next to Kosovo, across the Adriatic Sea from the boot of Italy. Who knew!!! He will be learning the Albanian language, which will surely be tough, and may even need to be in the MTC 3 months. But, he can handle it, and it's about time he gave that smart brain of his a work out!!

Well, Troy's older brother, Matt, was a great example of sacrificing 2 years of his life for the Lord, by going to Michigan. And now, Troy will follow along in the same path. When he was getting ready to open his letter tonight, it just really hit me, how willing and faithful our youth are that choose to give up 2 years of their life, to go someplace remote like Albania or somewhere in another corner of the USA. What a gift for them and for those they teach. Well, now I know what we'll be doing for the next 5 weeks! Busy-Busy!!