Sunday, May 18, 2008

Expectations of Mother's Day Change!!

What a great group photo op!!

Cousins at Mark's Wedding dinner- they are all grown up (kind of!) and
still causing the family papparrazi to go "crazy".

As a young mother, my Mother's Day expectations consisted of getting to sleep in, breakfast in bed, not making dinner, and definately NOT doing the dishes. Quite often, those expectations weren't able to be met. How life changes------- NOW my expectations are just one simple amazing request----------TO BE WITH MY FAMILY! How lucky I was this year, to be with,
my father and mother, Amy, Kate, Sally, Dave, Tara, Ruby, Sadie, and Troy. I missed Matt and Randy and his boys, Miles and Troy H.-so, next year, I will have to HOPE that everyone can be there. WOW am I lucky!
Cute grand daughters- Sadie, Kate, Ruby!
I am so lucky to share Mother's Day with them!

A smile is all I need to make my day!

Sally and I at the wedding. My jacket disappeared
at the reception- I must have amazing taste!

The flowers at Temple Square - I wish I
had their gardners! (Oh yeah, I do-RANDY!)
There are NO words to describe a TROY sandwich!