Friday, November 14, 2008

The Famous Troy Kick goes to the MTC-Albania!!

These pics capture the essense
of our past month. Much of our
wonderful family shared in the
activities of this past month-
We loved having you all with us!

Seeing Troy off to the MTC for
11 weeks.

Whirlwind trip to Hawaii for our
10th Wedding Anniversary!
(a great surprise, by the way!)

A great day at the spa with my
sister, mom, and daughters-celebrating
my mom's birthday!!

Schools calling me "non-stop"
for technical support (another
funny joke in the fam!)

BYU, BYU, BYU Football! (Christy)
USC, USC, USC Football! (Randy)

Relief Society Enrichment
Counselor- here we go again!

Tara-off to NYC

Grandaughters, Love
Grandaughters, Love
Grandaughters, Love

Prop 8
Prop 8
Prop 8
(Which state can we move to where "rational thinking" takes place???


diane said...

How exciting!
I wish that we could go to lunch and talk about our missionary boys. They are so cute. What happened to the little boys that used to hang out playing video games?! I miss them.

This and That said...

Yes - I second the lunch idea from Diane :)
Love the pics !
If you find that reasonable thinking state.. let us know, we may follow:)

Marcus Lane said...

sounds like troy is doing great. we love getting his emails.

Z and L Family said...

Did I ever post a "hello--we miss you" comment!--well here it is. How is Troy???

Lots of love Zach and Liz

Jamie said...

found your blog in the family line up. It looks like your life is full and happy! so glad to hear it! Love you!

Remund Clan said...

Hi Christy, just catching up on your blog and enjoy reading about your life. I enjoyed Troy's letter to future missionaries that mom e-mailed me. I printed it and had Robert read it. He just got his patriarchal blessing which was huge for him. I wrote about it on my blog. Patty says you will be up in April. Hope to see you. Lisa